A few thoughts on the demon in Evil Dead (1981; 2013)

Evil dead

I like this image from Evil Dead (1981), screened last night. Who this figure is however remains a question. In the movie, he is a demon of the Gondar culture, from ancient Sumeria, with the implication that an outpost shrine of that culture was found in the hills of Tennessee. He is the demon that actually occupies the book, more on that in a bit.

The fact that in the remake (below) he is purely black suggests that he may be the demon of a particular hour. He strikes me as very similar indeed to Khepre of the hour of five in the morning, worshipped as a symbolon of the peculiar dynamic of the moment of the “darkest before the dawn” in the nightly saga of the ka of the pharaoh searching for the afterlife. It might require a Melungeon theory to explain how this shrine with this god came to be located there (khepre however was not a demon, so demonization will also have to be explained). This connection is reinforced by the rendering of him in the recent remake (I do not know what birthday candle on his head means, MRN (more research needed).

evil dead 2

khepre 2

It occurs to us, in some streams of the mythology, all land in America not quite south but not quite north and not quite east but not quite west exist in a zone of unknown foreign importation and might in the summer season especially be called, combining Sumeria and America, Sumerica, land of the survival of the demons of old Mesopotamia (Mesoorosia also suggests itself as a name for the same). All of this land is south of Hartog, however, it is coming from up north down to it that opens up horrors in it, as the Michigan State sweatshirt of one of the girls in Evil Dead indicates.

in fiction, the VH chronicle struggles to make sense of his menace, he has several names, The Thing, The German Roamer and, lately, Tammany. He is also related to Jason Vorhees in the Friday the 13th mythology, reworked in Pillar of the Moon (2013). However, all of his manifestations go back to Nemesis, examined in ‘Mith Street (2011). MRN (More Research Required). It is not clear why the chronicle persists in conjuring him. (At present all titles unpublished).

The book is an Appalachian hoodoo book, combining German immigrant voodoo and African American too, we do not at present recognize the language. TBC (To Be Continued).

evil dead 3

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