Hartog House is a study center and museum for the exploration of all aspects of the stories of the Von Hohenheim mythology (a.k.a. The Spooky Stick) and related writings by R Mahoney as well as affiliated and related cultural trends and interests. It focuses on cult, votive and apotropaic aspects of American culture as expressed through folklore embedded in the modern genre of horror. It asserts that horror is the primary storied repository and therefore mainstream expression of the unconscious of American culture. Hartog House also hosts the Handstein Press, which “publishes”, sporadically, Horror of Life entries and books, to work out the survival of legends as expressed in motifs, tropes and memes or horror. Hartog House is affiliated with RoMMer Reviews blog. Hartog House is putatively located in Hartog, Ouest-connaissance, with a sister branch in Hartog, Germany, on the border of France, north of Ouijan, France. Its current director and curator is “Dr. Pictor”. During renovations, the House’s operations are virtual.


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